aspectMotive knows your product range and the product range of your competitors

    • aspectMotive researches the market in detail and identifies possible gaps and opportunities in the product range on the market.
    • aspectMotive consults you on the optimization and expansion of your product portfolio.
    • aspectMotive presents to you the latest innovations on the market and the newest trends, to help you better position yourself for continued sales growth

aspectMotive analyzes your current sales processes and structures from the manufacturer
to the end customer

    • aspectMotive researches your external communication process and your most important distribution channels (automobile dealers) to determine possible weaknesses through systematic testing and examination
    • aspectMotive develops tailor-made structures through research in order to improve your product presentation in the showroom of the automobile dealership
    • aspectMotive defines, together with you, all necessary adaptations and processes at the participating distributions levels, entirely integrated and sustainable, so that the optimal product marketing is embeded in your strategy
    • aspectMotive consults you on the implementation of new process ideas through all relevant channels and mediums